#RrroooaaarrR Metal / Rock Karaoke-

Metal/Rock Karaoke every first Thursday of the month


#Under DEVelopment

Metal DJ every first Thursday of the month



HOUSE DJS: (check their pages out or our Facebook for dates)


#DJ Pork n' Scratchings (punk)

every other Monday



#Subterranean Hellnoise (black/death/doom/crust)-


#DJ Spunky Lobster (rock/glam/metal)


#Total DEVastation (NWOBHM/death/trash)




Gigs and DJ's every week

(to allay all fears, we actually do play requests -of all genres- and try and keep a fun happy vibe about the place)

Free Wifi, pinball machine...

Come down drink, party, have a good time!



-Gigs bookings:

-Anything else:





To see our listings for gigs and other events, please visit The Dev Facebook page